Types of Fares Test

We have 3 fare types that lets you choose what’s most valuable to you. The fare type you choose will determine your checked baggage allowance, whether you will be able to change or cancel your booking and the option to select your seat in advance.

FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCENot Allowed2 pieces (total weight of 30kg)2 pieces (total weight of 40kg)
HAND BAGGAGE1 piece (total weight of 7kg)1 piece (total weight of 7kg)1 piece (total weight of 7kg)
MEALSBuy onboardBuy onboardBuy onboard
EXCESS BAGGAGERefer Baggage PolicyRefer Baggage PolicyRefer Baggage Policy
CHANGE FEENot AllowedShort Haul – USD 40
Medium Haul – USD 70
Short Haul – USD 30
Medium Haul – USD 50
CANCELLATION FREENot AllowedShort Haul – USD 50
Medium Haul – USD 90
Short Haul – USD 30
Medium Haul – USD 70
NO SHOWNon RefundableNon RefundableNon Refundable
PARTIAL CANCELLATIONNot PermittedNot PermittedPermitted with a Fee

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