Pre-Reserved Seating

FitsAir offers the option to Pre-Select a seat when making a flight reservation at a very affordable fee of USD 10. 

Seats with Extra Leg Room or Window or Isle seats can be Pre – Reserved through our website. 

We invite customers travelling together to Pre-Reserve your seats in advance of your flight departure to ensure seating next to each other.

Customers who do not Pre-select seats during booking process will be assigned seats  during check-in. 

Pre-Reserved Seat Selection is available to you during the booking process on our website www.fitsair.com or you may call our Customer Service Centre at (+94) 117 940 940 to Pre-Reserve your seats.

We invite our customers to complete Pre – Reserved Seating on your flight 24 hours before flight departure.

Pre-reserved seat fee – USD 10.00

Change of Flight – Pre-booked seats are only guaranteed for your original flight. If you change your flight, you will have to contact our Contact Centre to re-reserve another seat that is available.

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