You can check-in up to 3 pieces of baggage, as long as their combined weight doesn’t exceed the baggage allowance in your booking confirmation. Each piece of baggage must weigh less than 30 kg and shouldn’t exceed the maximum size. Be mindful that the baggage weightage also depends on the fare type. We advise you to refer to your ticket for details.

Passengers are requested to comply with recommended baggage specifications as given below.

All FitsAir passengers are allowed to carry 7 kg hand carry baggage which includes any handbag or laptop. 

Pre-Purchase Additional Baggage

When you fly with us, we offer you a generous baggage allowance. If your baggage exceeds this free allowance, additional baggage charges will apply.

You can pre-purchase additional baggage allowance online upto 24 hours before your flight departs and enjoy a discounted rate of USD 75 for upto 15 kg. That way you’ll save money and time for a faster and smoother check-in at the airport.

Any extra baggage at the Airport check-in will be offered at the regular excess baggage rates, per KG basis (subject to availability). 

Passengers can purchase extra baggage through;

  • FitsAir website – Manage My BookingFitsAir
  • Customer Contact Centre (+94) 117 940 940
  • City Office or any other local FitsAir agency offices.

Excess Baggage Procedure​

FitsAir offers a value based baggage allowance to our customers.

FitsAir Free Baggage Policy 

FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE​Includes 30 kg​Includes 30 kg​Includes 30 kg​
HAND BAGGAGE​1 piece (7 kg)1 piece (7 kg)1 piece (7 kg)

FitsAir free baggage allowance is in accordance with the ticketed air fare conditions and will be shown on ticket.

FitsAir urge our valued passengers to comply with free baggage allowance specified on ticket and dimensions / size specifications of bag.

Weight in excess of the specified baggage allowance on ticket, will be subject to excess baggage charges at the airport counter. Such excess baggage weight will be accepted at the check-in stage strictly based on baggage space availability of the flight sector at the rates specified per operated sector.

FitsAir flight sectors where no special excess baggage rates are published, USD 10 per KG will be charged at the Airport as the Excess Baggage fee.

Oversized Baggage & TVs

Every item you carry may not fit into a suitcase. However, oversized items will count towards your total checked baggage weight, so make sure you purchase enough checked baggage.

If you’re bringing large checked baggage items, an oversized item handling fee may apply.

If your oversized item is required for mobility or medical reasons, or you’re bringing a pram for your infant or child, it won’t count as part of your checked baggage weight, and you won’t be charged the oversize item fee. 

Charge for any oversized baggage USD 50
Dimensions 185 cm x 185cm x 185cm ( H x W x L )
TV – up to 50 inchesUSD 13
TV – over 50 inchesUSD 87


  • Sales validity: Valid worldwide effective 01 January 2023 – until further notice
  • Travel Validity: Valid on FitsAir services effective 01 Juanry 2023


  • Oversized baggage will be checked only at the airport.
  • Carriage of oversized baggage / TVs are excluding the permitted FBA
  • If the weight of the oversized baggage exceeds permitted FBA, same is liable for excess baggage charges over and above the aforesaid charges for the oversized baggage.

Dispensation Number : 138 / WW / 22


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