Pre-Purchase Baggage

Pre-Purchase Baggage

FitsAir Free Baggage Allowance guided by respective air fare condition is shown on Ticket. 

FitsAir offers special Pre-Purchase Baggage to be purchased in advance of your flight journey. 

Pre-Purchase Extra Baggage offer is based per bag of 15 KG.

Our passengers may select number of baggage/s (pieces) they wish to purchase. There may be occasional restrictions on number of baggage per passenger. Such restrictions if any will be prompted with suitable solutions to passenger.

Pre-Purchase Baggage offer should be purchased prior to 24 hours of departure of the flight sector.

Passengers can purchase the Extra Baggage Offer through 

FitsAir website – Manage My Booking 

FitsAir Customer Contact Centre (+94) 117 940 940, 

City Office or any other local FitsAir agency offices.

Pre-purchased extra baggage facility is offered per piece basis and at very competitive rates. FitsAir ticket desk / Call Centre or Agents will issue XBAG vouchers for pre-purchase baggage to be produced at the Airport baggage check-in counter.

Pre-Purchased Excess Bag rate  (1 Piece/Bag up to 15Kg) – USD 75.    

Any extra baggage at the Airport / City Desk at check-in stage will be offered at regular excess baggage rates per Kilo basis subject to availability.


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