Payment Options

FitsAir Tickets are issued upon making the payment in full by the customer. 

Mode of Payments for FitsAir Ticket issuance –

FitsAir Website –

FitsAir customers can make online payments through FitsAir website. 

FitsAir provides safe secure online payment options using multiple credit / debit cards. 

Accepted Merchant cards are mentioned in the website.

FitsAir Customer Contact Centre –

FitsAir customers are able to purchase tickets with credit / debit cards or by cash at our Customer Contact Centre (+94) 117 940 940. 

FitsAir Travel Partners –

Our representatives will educate customers of available payment modes at their travel entities.

In the rare conditions, there may be instances where passengers are requested to pay any governmental or regulatory fees and taxes due to new tariff introductions or subsequent changes. Similarly, if any such tariffs are reduced or abolished, passengers will be able to claim the applicable portion accordingly.

In the normal circumstance, Air Fares and taxes of FitsAir will not change after issuance of the ticket.


FitsAir customers are able to book, pay and get their tickets issued through www.fitsair.com

Selected Debit / Credit cards can be used as payment options. Following Cards and e-wallets are currently accepted through FitsAir website.

Call Centre

FitsAir customers are able to make the payment for FitsAir ticket using following merchant Debit / Credit cards.

As a measure of data security we provide a secure link for our customers to feed their own credit card details. Upon accepting the payment through our Payment gateway FitsAir  email the Air ticket to the Customer.

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