Oversized Baggage & TVs

Carriage of Oversized Baggage & TVs

Charge for any oversized baggage USD 50
Dimensions 185 cm x 185cm x 185cm ( H x W x L )
TV – up to 50 inchesUSD 13
TV – over 50 inchesUSD 87


  • Sales Validity: Valid worldwide effective 01 JAN 2023 – until further notice
  • Travel Validity: Valid on 8D services only effective – 01 JAN 2023


  • Oversized baggage will be checked only at the airport.
  • Carriage of oversized baggage / TVs are excluding the permitted FBA
  • If the weight of the oversized baggage exceeds permitted FBA, same is liable for excess baggage charges over and above the aforesaid charges for the oversized baggage
  • Golf equipment  and Surfing equipment are excluded from oversized baggage category.

Dispensation Number : 138 / WW / 22


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